Friday, September 3, 2010

Best intentions

“So where are you two now? Are you ever coming home?”

Uh oh… That’s the problem with starting a blog and not keeping at it! In Australia we had all the best intentions to catch up, and post frequently—but the days rolled on with other things to do…

Rain? No worries! Wednesday walks with the Portland Field Nats are on rain or shine.As well, we discovered that some topics just don’t lend themselves to a blog—at least not the sort of blog we’d started.

We have been meeting new friends, and spending time with people socially in ways that were quite different than when we were “on the road”.

IMG_9763I have been taking lots of pictures, and we have both become quite involved in things we find interesting, so we have lots to tell—but in person rather than in the form of a blog.

We have told people that this year is one of taking stock, and trying to gain a perspective about how to retool for what we do next.

I suspect that blogging may still be part of do—but I now know that it won’t be quite what I’d expected when we left home.