Monday, December 21, 2009

Who and why?

Our curiosity is piqued by different cultures and geographic realities. Whether it be horseback riding into Canada’s Rocky Mountains searching for grizzlies in the company of a carnivore specialist, or watching Kathakali dancing in India, count us enthralled and engaged.

Definitely, the profession of travel writing suits our curiosity to a T.

Although we love our life at Spiritwood, our hobby farm in West Quebec’s Pontiac region, we both have an insatiable desire to see what’s around the next bend in the path.

So, in mid-2009 we decided to seize opportunity and set off on another extended trip. That’s right: this is our second time. Our first 14-month journey in 1983-84 simply whetted our appetite. Since then, we’ve written six books, filed thousands of stories, features, columns and photographs... and are ready to jump into adventure again.

We invite you to bookmark One Way Tickets and follow us. And if you have tips and comments, send them to us: as you know, learning from others’ experiences is a huge part of travel. Enjoy!

Eric and Katharine leaving Spiritwood in December 2009.