Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shameful behaviour

I’d been very impressed at the excellent interpretive signage panels near the Hopkins River mouth at Warrnambool. Several panels described the features of estuaries, and others had information about whales. We’d stopped to make use of the handy public toilets after looking for whales at nearby Logan’s Beach, and lingered to learn about estuaries until the late afternoon light became too dim.

Back in Warrnambool a week later, we made a point of returning. Sadly, some thoughtless person had obliterated the sign with grafitti.

I’m sure the city will replace the sign, but the community will now have to bear the cost of this idiot’s actions—and it probably means that some other community benefit will have to be cut.

I can only hope that this buffoon’s friends let him (or her) know that this was stupid. Even better, report him to the police so the whole community will know, and can publicly denounce such shameful behaviour.