Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pricey salad

Getting used to the right-hand drive was easy on the almost traffic-free highway leading SE to Albany. It was sunny and about 18C and we had lots of time.

At the small town of Williams, a number of cars parked at the Williams Woolshed prompted us to stop for lunch. We joined the line of people ordering food, but were rather taken aback as we looked at the menu.

A salad was A$17—and even the “soup of the day” was A$9.90! Other lunch dishes like hamburgers and fish and chips were all more than A$20.

We both wanted salad though, and assumed that it would be a big one with lots of extras. We ordered, paid and were given a number to put on our table. After 25 minutes and no salad, I got up to see if we’d been forgotten.

No, apparently they’d just finished it, and the waitress brought it out.

P4090073No extras, not even a bun; just a few pieces of Romaine lettuce, some slices of purple onion, and a few slices of roast chicken, with dressing from a jar.

Two thumbs down to Williams Woolshed for both the dish and the service.

As we ate, we couldn’t help wondering how the several families nearby were able to manage, as a basic lunch for a family of five would cost more than A$100.

When we recounted this to two other Aussies later, they were at first surprised, then on further reflection thought that perhaps the restaurant had increased their prices for the Easter school break. Either way, it was a disappointing introduction to eating out in restaurants in Western Australia.