Friday, March 12, 2010

Postal service, Vietnamese style

We just sent off a big box of stuff we’d been collecting since Laos.

P3120009When we asked about getting a taxi to get our collection of bags to the post office, Anh at the front desk laughed. “Oh no, they will come here!” Sure enough, within half an hour, a woman from the post office arrived at our hotel with scales, tape, and a large cardboard box.

What we had wouldn’t fully fit in the box, but that didn’t deter her. She packed what she could into it, taking care to keep fragile items inside and well protected. Then she taped the remaining items—a bunch of silk lanterns—to the top so she could finish the job at the post office later.

The overflowing box weighed 17kg, and she estimated that it would need another kilo for packing material and an extension for the box. Forms were filled in and an amount for the postage, packaging and insurance calculated. We paid her, then offered to help her bring the box to her car.

P3120014“No car, just motorbike!” She laughed as we brought everything to her little motorbike outside. I’d have at least tied it on with bungee straps, but she just giggled as she put on her mouth mask and helmet.

With her box of equipment jammed in front of her, and our precious 17kg box balanced on the back, she drove away, holding the box with one hand behind her!

Can you imagine service like that from Canada Post?