Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sounds in a spa

IMG_3392I wish we’d found the spa before our second last day in Luang Prabang. They would have seen us every day for sure…

The Lao Herbal Sauna spa is located on a back alley off a main street in Luang Prabang in an airy second-floor with curtained areas for the massages, and a very tidy change and shower area. There is also a sauna, but in the already-oppressive heat, that was not at all enticing!

As “Jen” worked on my back and legs I drifted off to the muted sounds of boys playing lawn bowling nearby, murmurs from women washing further along the back street, a couple of cats in heat, fans… and of course the ever-present mood music that seems to play in spas everywhere.

IMG_3388At the end of my hour-long luxury, I found a chair in the lounge and poured a cool glass of water as Katharine signed the guest book.

As I leaned back, I had to chuckle. Hooked on a nail on the back of a structural post was the source of the spa’s mood music: an Apple iPod connected to a couple of speakers!