Monday, December 28, 2009

Petroglyph at mouth of Nimpkish River

The Nimpkish River meets the ocean across from Alert Bay. Back in 1792, it’s here that Captain George Vancouver visited Cheslakees village. On December 28, we explored the exposed intertidal beach, then examined boulders above the high-tide zone. We’d heard that some have petroglyphs carved into them. Waning light and a bitterly cold wind made our search increasingly difficult but just before I stepped inside the forest’s wall, I found this boulder. Celina and I looked at it closely but couldn’t determine the shape of the carvings... then I took this photograph.

Voila! The ancient image of what is possibly a large sun face in the centre of the rock — plus what might be a smaller moon to its bottom-left — was suddenly revealed.